RedZone Episode 25: Fame Comes and Goes

“The Wrestling Chick” Mimi Chelles, CEOHaize and The Andrew Bello talk about this week’s Raw, talk Wrestle Kingdom and Fame Black briefly joins to talk about his dislike of Rey Mysterio.


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NeXT Level Ep13: The Blunder Down Under

The Andrew Bello breaks hands out his personal 2016 “Best Of…” Awards for NXT, breaks down Episode 371, makes his “Bold” predictions for 2017 and yammers on about the wrestling scene as the Road to Wrestlemania is on the horizon.


NeXT Level Episode 12: All Well And Good…

The Andrew Bello breaks down the NXT 2-Hour “Special” from Osaka, Japan and talks about the existing landscape of WWE as we get ready to turn onto the road to Wrestlemania. Also, be sure to check out our YouTube channel, featuring a Special Report about the WWE house show at MSG on Monday from the…

BlueZone Episode 19: The Champ is back

CEOHaize, Jay B and Gerald Cooper review what was a great episode of SmackDown Live. The guys also talk about Cena’s return and how Baron Corbin fit in with main event talent.

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