Puroresu History ICHIBAN: The Great Mitsuharu Misawa

Puroresu History ICHIBAN! We’re finally here! Anthony and Matthew discuss and break down the first Triple Crown title reign of the great Mitsuharu Misawa. This includes a discussion of Toshiaki Kawada, Akira Taue and Stan Hansen.

NeXT Level Episode 66: Lars Doesn’t Do the USA Network

WWE Week on the USA Network brings us an interesting episode of NXT. The Andrew Bello is honored tell you all about it. He’s also talking about Jericho/Omega, Hideo’s impending 205 Live debut, the Mixed Match Challenge and the possibility of viable competition for the WWE machine.​

RedZone Episode 74: Jericho and the Rippers (Attack Edition)

The Andrew Bello and @FameBlack breakdown Raw, plus Chris Jericho, John Stamos, duct tape, pulling out, Rich Swann and Keaton Jones. Most importantly, Fame makes his official statement regarding the Nia Jax/Enzo Amore situation.  Get ready top hop into the RedZone. Follow: @TheWWPN @WWPNBello @FameBlack Visit: TheWWPN.com Share, like, subscribe and review.  Please and thanks!​…